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Saucony/Heart and Sole Redwood Empire Runners of the Week!


Runner of the Week!


In an effort to recognize the hard work and achievements of the cross country runners throughout the Redwood Empire,
we have joined with Saucony for the Redwood Empire Runner of the Week award!
Each week, one boy and one girl will be awarded a custom silkscreened tech shirt in recognition of that week's accomplishments.
Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for the winners each week


Sydnie Rvas, MARIA CARRILLO, Freshman

Sydnie Rvas

And to finish out the season the Pumas show their depth once again and get their fifth female to get the AOTW award. On a tough Fresno State Meet course she put up a time of 20:09. With Carrillo graduating 3 runners in front of her it should be intersting to see how she does taking on the extra pressure next year.

Steve Adams, Cardnal Newman, Senior

Steve Adams

What a way to finish out his senior year at Cardinal Newman. Qualifying to the California State Championships With a time of 16:50 placing him 68th in his race. 9th runner from the NCS Section.


Dante Capone, Analy, Senior

Dante Capone

It isn't too often we hear of many runners from Analy getting to state, but Dante had a great race on a day with far less than ideal conditions this week to get himself a ticket to state as an individual. With the best time of the day from a Redwood Empire runner in his race at NCS Dante was 17th overall and had a time of 16:47.

Ana Drake-Trip, Healdsburh, Senior

Ana Drake-Trip

On a day where the Hayward course at NCS was super wet and slippery, especially when you're the eigth race of the day and nearly 900 runners have attacked the course before you even get to get up to the line, Ana braced herself and ran tough to sloshed her way to a time of 20:12 on a desemated course placed her 9th and solidifing a trip to the California State Championship meet.


Samantha Perry, MARIA CARRILLO, Senior

Samantha Perry

Aden Pierce, SANTA ROSA, Senior

Aden Pierce


Brady Lane, EL MOLINO, Senior

Brady Lane

The senior from El Molino didn't only get 2nd in the SCL Championships, but also helped his teammate get the crown. As described in an article in the Press Democrat Brady had to tell the winner (Brian Shultz) the way to go a few times in the race. So in retrospect Brady was responsable for the top 2 places in that race this week. Not something you see too often.

Madison Parratt, PETALUMA, Sophomore

Madison Parratt

Madison going out there this week and showing she is the class of the SCL. With a time of 18:34 at the SCL Championships she placed a gap of 48 seconds between her and second place. That time was good enough to make her 47th All-Time on the Spring Lake course, and 21st All-Time for sophomores.


McKenna Sell, SONOMA ACADEMY, Freshman

McKenna Sell

Eli Rosen-Duran, SONOMA ACADEMY, Senior

Eli Rosen-Duran

Eli's performance this week at the CMC Championships will go to show you what a solid summer of workouts will do. Last year he was 8th at this meet, with all but one returning this year. His time of 15:15 was good enough for 2nd, only behind his teammate and fellow AOTW Caleb Richards.

League Championship Weekend Wild Card Pick

Ryan Nguyen, Maria Carrillo, Senior

Ryan Nyugen

It is usually the people who score for the team that decide how well they are going to do in a given competition. But that isn't always the case, the NBL championship meet was decided by someone who didn't even score. With both Casa Grande and Maria Carrillo at 40 points it came down to the 6th man. Luckly for Carrillo, Ryan was ahead of Casa Grande's 6th man by 14 seconds to give them the overall league title.

Week Ten

Nick Jensen, MARIA CARRILLO, Senior

Nick Jensen

How often is it that you can run 15:55 and get 3rd on your own team. Well that's what happened this week when Nick was one of five guys to go sub-16 on Spring Lake in a tri-meet. Nick's effort helped place his team with the 4th All-time team time on the Spring Lake course with an average time of 15:47.

Carolina Avelar, MARIA CARRILLO, Sophomore

Carolina Avelar

Apparently Carolina wanted to make AOTW a family affair. With her twin sister winning a few weeks ago, Carolina didn't want to be left out. With this being the last league meet heading into the league championships Carolina stepped up with a 18:57. With everyone on Maria Carrillo running the way they are, rolling into NBL 7-0 they are looking pretty dangerous.

Week Nine

Erin Thomas, MENDOCINO, Senior

Erin Thomas

When you live all the way up in Mendocino you tend to get over looked pretty easy. Erin is one of those people is hard to not pay attention to. Even with being relativly quiet this year she came out this week to run an impressive 18:45 to win the Sonoma Academy Invite. That time places her 2nd All-Time among CMC runners. With the way she is running, she is the clear favorite to repeat as CMC champion.

Patrick Loftus, SONOMA ACADEMY, Senior

Patrick Loftus

Patrick has been on a bit of a roll this week. He started the week at one of their weekly league meets at St. Vincent with the win on their 2.7 mile course in 16:11. He then turned around and ran at the Sonoma Academy Invite to get the second win of the week with a time of 16:19. With a bit of momentum going right now, the top returner from the CMC last year could be poised to take the title this year.

Week Eight

Nick Rauch, CASA GRANDE, Junior

Nick Rauch

To show the strength of the Casa Grande's boy's team this year, Nick is the second runner this year to get this award for his team. Nick ran very well this week at Spring Lake with a time of 16:09 (getting second only to their team's other AOTW, Matt Salazar). Not only did he help his team win the race, but the team as a whole this week set their school record for best team time on the course (81:26).

Ileana Moon, CASA GRANDE, Sophomore

Ileana Moon

If we say the Casa Grande boys are doing well with their second AOTW of the year this week, what do we say about Casa Grande's girls with Ileana being Casa's third girl to get the award this year. With Ileana's time of 19:13 at Spring Lak to help give her team the win and only a point from getting a perfect score on the day.

Week Seven

Adria Barich, CASA GRANDE, Sophomore


Adria started off the week in a tough league meet at home. Her time of 20:09 placed her right in the mix of a blanket finish where places 2-6 were all less than 10secs between one and another. Her week continued that weekend as she went out the Castro Valley Invite where her 14th place finish helping secure her team to a 2nd place finish.

Christian Friday, MONTGOMERY, Senior

Christian Friday

It seems that Montgomery as a team place depending on how their top runner places. Starting off the week Christian was able to pull off the win by 11 seconds at Montgomery's league meet, and his team followed with a perfect score. He continued to run well as he went to the Yoshaany Rahm Invitational, where he fell just short of the win, by a margin of just 0.4 seconds. And yep again his team followed him by getting second by a slim 3 points.

Week Six

Zachary Nussdorfer, CASA GRANDE, Senior

Zachary Nussdorfer

Shannon Palladino, MARIA CARRILLO, Senior

Shannon Palladino

Week Five

Maddy Libbey, SONOMA, Junior

Maddy Libbey

Jordan Scobey, MARIA CARRILLO, Junior

Jordan Scobey

Week Four

Daniel Pride, SANTA ROSA, Sophomore

Daniel Pride

With more than 1,200 participents at the Stanford Invite Daniel placed an impressive 95th across all races on the day. He was one of two runners from the Redwood area to break the 16 minute mark, with a time of 15:59. This performance is made more impressive that he is only a sophomore (3rd sophomore in his race).

Allie Ahern, MARIA CARRILLO, Junior

Allie Ahorn

This week Allie had a solid performance, running 19:36 at the Stanfford Invite to place her 30th in the D2 race. Her perfrormance was good enough to boost her team to 4th for this presegious meet.

Week Three

Shaz Breedlove, MARIA CARRILLO, Senior
Adria Barich, CASA GRANDE, Junior

Shaz BreedloveAdria Barich

Again we got a week multiple performances worthy of AOTW. Shaz Breedlove leading her team to a team victory at the Woodbridge Invite. Her time of 18:06 was good enough to place her 4th overall in a quick course. Also this week we had Adria Barich who ran 19:19 at Spring Lake, placing her 2nd in the race behind Week 1's AOTW, to leading her team to the team victory.

Nick Rauch, CASA GRANDE, Senior

Nick Rauch

After Nick's big year on the track in the middle distances last year, he's showing he has some range in XC as well. Just a few seconds behind fellow teammate and Week 1 AOTW, Matt Salazar, Nick ran 16:04 at Spring Lake this week. With that 1-2 punch up front for the Gauchos, Casa Grande is looking quite strong this year. Just a word of advice when racing a 1:54 800 runner, don't expect to out kick him.

Week Two

Brian Shultz, EL MOLINO, Sophomore

Brian Shultz

Brian had two impressive wins this week. To start the week off he won the Super Septo Interleague meet at Spring Lake. It was a tough battle between him and fellow Spohomore Daniel Pride from Santa Rosa, with Brian holding him off by just 2 seconds. Then to round the week off he also won the Sophomore race at the Viking Opener. Again another tough battle between him and Daniel Pride. With his time of 10:24 it was good enough to place him 7th All Time for Sophomores on that course.

Delaney White, SANTA ROSA, Junior

Delaney White

Delaney had a solid week of races. This year she is looking to be the one to beat in the NBL. At the Super Septo wednesday she won overall with a time of 18:55 (more than 40secs ahead of 2nd place). And then that weekend she was 2nd place in her race at the Viking Opener. With her time of 11:57, that puts her 15th among Juniors All-Time, and 23rd Overall All-Time

Week One

Rylee Bowen, SONOMA ACADEMY, Freshman
Alyssa Goodie, SONOMA ACADEMY, Junior

Rylee BowenAlyssa Goodie

With a list of impressive performances this week we decided to give a pair of AOTW awards out. It's quite unusual to hear about a CMC school putting the hurt on some of the best big schools in the area, but that's what happened this week. It was a pair of girls from Sonoma Academy who went 1-2 in the race. Starting off with the Freshman phenom Rylee Bowen followed by her teammate Alyssa Goodie. Their times of 17:31 and 18:03 placed them 3rd and 5th respectively all-time for this meet. To give perspective on Rylee's time, her 17:31 was a full minute in front of the next non-Sonoma Academy runner.

Matt Salazar, CASA GRANDE, Junior
Zac West, MARIA CARRILLO, Senior

Matt SalazarZac West

As with the women, we decided with the performances this week to go with two AOTWs. Starting off with Matt Salazar who came up with his second consecutive win at the Rancho Invite with a time of 15:34, the next logical question is will he be able to go for the three-peat come his senior year. And close behind was Zac West, one of only two returners from Carrillo's dominating top-7 from a year ago, with his time of 15:44 that places him 17th all-time for this meet.


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